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Awesome Albums: LC-A+ 008 Rose by tanchin

The community is rife with creative uses of the LC-A+ and the Splitzer, and here’s one fresh set that has recently caught our eye! http://bit.ly/1ohnlch

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Are you a bear

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FH010027 by sayu0410 on Flickr.
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FH010027 by sayu0410 on Flickr.

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Paul Jung

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the level of the gesture. by S. Shorey on Flickr.
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even though rebecca minkoff's latest collection was designed for resort 2015, which is an inter-season line before spring, i am adamant that retailers at this current moment in time would do well to stock it. look at these glorious outfits — the styling, all those bright colors and prints, the easy-breezy attitude. what i’ve always loved about minkoff is her ability to churn out very wearable designs and each collection she creates ready-to-wear is an opportunity to drain your bank account and amp up your wardrobe.